PETITION: Global War or Global Unity ?

What is unfolding on Europe’s doorstep today is not only a migration crises unparallelled in recent history. It is a humanitarian crises beyond measure.

Far too many have already lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. And yet, the death toll only continues to mount with the surging number of migrants and refugees crossing from Africa and the Middle East or attempting to reach Europe through remote land borders. The number of people resorting to smuggling at the cost of dying at sea or hidden in trucks, is a tragedy. Children are separated from their parents, families are shattered, lives are broken. The risks and conditions migrants are encountering is nothing less than unacceptable. What the world is witnessing today is on course to be the worst migration and humanitarian crises since the second World War.

We do not have the right to remain silent, to do nothing. What can be done?

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