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INTEGRATION: Moving Office 365 account to another Office 365 account


We have been adopting Ms Office 365 since earlier days through Microsoft partner. Since now we took the benefit of becoming Microsoft Partner directly by having Internal User Right of the Office 365 licenses, the license won’t just applying to the current one so we have to move from one account to another manually. It means that we are moving one mailbox at the time from Office 365 to another Office 365.


1. Go to each Outlook email account and ensure to enable Cache Exchange Mode enabled plus sets to Mailto Keep Offline = ALL (slide all the way to the right)

2. Compare each folders between Outlook and your current Office 365 outlook web

3. Set Outlook to Offline mode and do the export to PST.

4. Once it completes Open this PST and compare again the folders.

5. Go to the new account and import the PST.


1. Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8

2. Microsoft Office 365

APPLICATION: Exploring Office 365


Staffs are hardly in the office and there is no centralise server. With multiple device ranging from laptop/desktop, tablet and phone with multiple OS such as Windows 8 and MAC, Android, Windows 8 and iOS, sharing document across the user is very challenging.

Exploring Office 365 for OneDrive for Home Drive and Sharepoint Team site for Shared Drive.


Couple findings:

By the time this document is written, there is no OneDrive for Business for MAC however there is a work around to use Document Connection in Microsoft Office 2011

The minimum requirement is to have Office 2011 Service Pack 1 Service Pack 1 came with Document Connection application which is allowing to connect to Sharepoint and OneDrive/Skydrive

Here’s the steps:

1.Go to Finder > Applications > Microsoft Office  2011 > Microsoft Document Connection

2.On Document Connection, go to Preference and ensure untick Enable Basic authentication

3.On Document Connection, select Location > Connect to Sharepoint Site

4.On Address, type in the following: https://[your_organisation_name].sharepoint.com and click Connect

5.In Office 365 login screen, type in your username and password

6.If the connection is successful, it will have 4 folders: Documents, Form Templates, Site Assets and Style Library. This will be your Shared Drive (corporate drive).

7.Do the same thing for OneDrive for Business. On Document Connection, select Location > Connect to Sharepoint Site

8.On Address, type in the following: https://[your_organisation_name]-my.sharepoint.com/personal/[your_user_name]_onmicrosoft_com/Documents and click Connect. Note: fill in your username in [your_user_name]

9.In Office 365 login screen, type in your username and password

10.If the connection is successful, it will have 1 folder: Share with Everyone. This will be your personal Home Drive (personal drive)

11.Ensure that on the left hand side of the Document Connection has 2 Sharepoint connection ie. [your_organisation_name].sharepoint.com and Documents


  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • MAC OS 10.x
  • Microsoft Office for MAC 2011
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Android
  • iOS



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