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Launching DewaList Directory

As we are continuing to align our goal to provide a solid platform for small business, new comer and start-up to help their campaign, we launched DewaList Directory. This site is not just ordinary directory site but also have the user to review the business as well as publishing on-going event for the business owner.

Have a look closely this new site – http://directory.dewalist.com

We love your feedback in regards to this site.


Few mistakes when posting into DewaList Classifieds

We found a lot of mistakes when users posting their ads into DewaList Classifieds sites. When we found this, we generally delete or move the ads to the right place.

Here are some mistakes:

  1. Users post their ads into Post Event instead of Post Ads. The Post event are specifically for the ads that has a time frame (start and end date) for instance a music concert, seminar, festival, exhibition, etc etc.
  2. Users post their adult ads ie. massage, escort into Business Service or Entertainment. There is a specific category for this content which is called Erotic.
  3. Users post their ads into the category that is not specific to that country belong. For instance, the ads is specifically from South Africa and the poster put into the DewaList India under Business Service. The right way is to put under  Worldwide / Non-local city / Unspecified as a City and Worldwide / non-local / overseas  as a category.
  4. Users posts a lot of similar ads within a day.  Pick the right category and the right city for your ads.
  5. Users posts ads with a link without testing it. HTML tag is appearing. When you post a link, you can use hyperlink on then editor or leave it the full link with http://[name of url] and this will create automatically the link properly.
  6. Users post their adult ads with nudity, xxx or sex image.
  7. Users post their ads that is not belong to right category. For instance, the ads is relating on job but then putting under Vehicle.

Help us to make this site better.  The more your ads can be seen by others … the more your successful campaign will be.


Joining Pinterest


We found Pinterest suits for us due to it’s aligning with our goal to help small guys – small business, startup, new comer, community campaigner and more –  heard what their saying. We decided to join and explore Pinterest.

At this stage, we only have 2 boards – We Love Ads and We love Selfie.

To follow us: http://www.pinterest.com/dewalist


We also updated few things in our classified websites to accommodate this change.

Looking forward your comment below.


Removing moderation on Event post

As we are continuing monitoring of the site regularly, we decided to remove the moderation of the event post. The process of event post will be similar to a normal ad post and if we found the post is NOT an event type of post we will suspend the event immediately.

Please drop us a comment below in regards to the change.

Launch New DewaList Blog

As we now have shopping site as well as classifieds site plus social media, we need a centralised blog site our own. Use the post to share it via social media.

This blog will have internal news about the updates within this network as well as interesting product, service or event reviews.

The new site is called DewaList Blog and the URL is http://blog.dewalist.com.

We welcome any feedback and please drop comment below.

New Featured Ad Pricing Model

For almost 9 years, we always had $1 for the featured ad as well as extended ads to 30 days.

Due to we’ve extended the ads from 3 months to 1 year, we believed the extended ads to 30 days is no longer valid. We’ve also looked other sites are doing in term of pricing

Therefore we decided to change our pricing and here is the new pricing model:

7 days – $0.99
15 days – $1.99
30 days – $3.99
60 days – $7.99
90 days – $9.99
180 days – $19.99
365 days – $39.99

We would like to hear from you about this change. Please have a comment below.

Launch a Gig @ Fiverr

We see the potential selling our Featured Ads in the Fiverr. We launched the first gig called “I will advertise as Featured Ad for YOU on our ad network for $5”.


For just $5 we will list what you wish in up to 500 words as Featured Ad and with website/email/phone plus an image to easily connect our visitors to you. Your promotion will be listed on the top of category that is belong as well as in the homepage (random) so your ad will have more exposure. This featured ad will be listed for 90 days. Plus this will be listed in 2 sites (The World and either Australia/India/UAE/UK/USA/South Africa depending the closest region that ad belong).

To find out more about this gig you can visit our Fiverr’s gig. Or you can visit our Fiverr’s profile.

Please drop us any comment below as we love to hear from you about this campaign.

Did You Know?

This community classified and shopping network, globally, has the following:

  • 89,000+ running ads *
  • 2,308,000+ sessions
  • 1,160,000+ users
  • 11,935,000+ page views
  • 9 websites **

Our milestones

  • 21st February 2015: We reached 1 million users mark.
  • 14th February 2015: We reached 2 million sessions mark.
  • 22nd December 2014: We reached 10 million page views mark.
  • 24th August 2012: We passed 500,000 users mark.
  • 17th May 2011: We reached 200,000 users mark.
  • 22nd July 2010: We passed 100,000 users mark.
  • 2006: We started the site.


* The published ad has 1 year expiry.
** 7 classifieds, 2 social media and 1 shopping sites


We are thanking you for your support for this FREE service to advertise your local community ads. We will keep continue to improve and strive to the quality of the content.

[Last updated: 5 January 2016, source: Google Analytics]