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INTEGRATION: Moving Office 365 account to another Office 365 account


We have been adopting Ms Office 365 since earlier days through Microsoft partner. Since now we took the benefit of becoming Microsoft Partner directly by having Internal User Right of the Office 365 licenses, the license won’t just applying to the current one so we have to move from one account to another manually. It means that we are moving one mailbox at the time from Office 365 to another Office 365.


1. Go to each Outlook email account and ensure to enable Cache Exchange Mode enabled plus sets to Mailto Keep Offline = ALL (slide all the way to the right)

2. Compare each folders between Outlook and your current Office 365 outlook web

3. Set Outlook to Offline mode and do the export to PST.

4. Once it completes Open this PST and compare again the folders.

5. Go to the new account and import the PST.


1. Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8

2. Microsoft Office 365

SUPPORT: Apple MacBook Pro and Windows 8.1

The Challenge

We have users that coming from Windows background and would like to take on Windows 8.1 into Apple MacBook Pro machines as primary use and no apple MAC OSX being used at all. We looked options in regards to the challenge ie BootCamp VS virtualisation and we decided to go with BootCamp due the fact users are not going back and forth switching the Operating System and also trying to eliminate another layer of suport of third party virtualisation software being introduced to this model.

We found some hurdles along the way with this approach:

  • At the end of finalising of installing Windows,  error came up – “Windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed.”
  • The close lid not working properly. The screen is dimmed little bit.
  • Event Viewer error related on video driver 


The Solution

Challenge 1 – At the end of finalising of installing Windows,  error came up – “Windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed.”

After few attempts of failing installing and step through the Apple BoootCamp installation with Apple Support and Apple Senior Advisor, finally we came accross that the BootCamp has an issue and Apple advised to do the manual process of what bootcamp meant to do.

Here are steps:

  • On MacOS X, tun a Boot Camp Assistant under Utilities.
  • Plugin USB 8GB thumbdrive and external USB drive into MAC machine.Note: This particular model of MacBook Pro doesn’t have a CD/DVD rom drive:
  • On the BootCamp Assistant, ensure to select 2 options:

Select just Download the latest Windows support software from Apple

Install Windows 7 or later version.

  • This will download the latest Windows Support and it will take awhile
  • Select the right partition and at the end of this process will boot and will straight installing Windows.
  • Install Windows 8.1 as normal and ensure to select select partition and format. Generally, it’s the last one and marked as BOOTCAMP at the end.
  • Installing Windows: “Your computer will restarty several times. This might take awhile.”


–          Copying Windows files

–          Getting files ready for installation

–          Installing features

–          Installing updates

–          Getting finished.

  •  At the end of Getting finished process , the following error come up: “Windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed.” Note: This is what the issue is
  • Turn to white screen and then black screen.
  • Boot again by pressing Option and select Macintosh HD and go to Boot Camp Assistant. At this stage, it has Macintosh HD (harddisk picture), Recovery-10.9 (harddisk picture), Windows (DVD picture), EFI Boot (DVD picture).
  • Run the Boot Camp Assistant again.
  • Select the task Remove Windows 7 or later version and click Continue. Information about Restore Disk to a Single Volume and click Restore. Note: This basically remove any partition that created by the BootCamp application and we start from beginning again.
  • Go to Disk Utility under Utilities.
  • Select Apple SSD harddrive and click Partition.
  • Click + button and select Maintosh HD 2 and adjust the size accordingly and give the name ie. Windows 8.1 and the format is ExFAT. Click  Apply button.
  • Windows pop ups about “Are you sure want to partition the disk “Apple SSD xxxx Media?”. Click Partition.
  • Restart the MAC machine and press Option button. This will boot into: Macintosh HD (harddisk picture), Recovery-10.9 (harddisk picture), Windows (DVD picture), EFI Boot (DVD picture).
  • At this stage: USB thumdrive plugin as well as DVD rom device
  • Select Windows one instead.
  • Installation start and select the Windows 8.1 partition that just created previously and format. Ensure to select right partition for this. Click Next button.
  • It starts the installation again.
  • Boot again ensure to press Option and another Windows (harddisk picture) shows along with others Macintosh HD, Recover-10.9, Windows (DVD picture) and EFI boot (DVD picture).
  • Select Windows (harddisk ones) instead and this will boot to Windows partition start configuring Windows.
  • At this stage leave it, it will boot few time and ensure to select Windows. Note: It will boot to Macintosh one so just restart again and press the Option button and select Windows (harddisk picture) and continue again the process.
  • This will eventually successfully passed the previous error stage.
  • Under Personalise give the PC Name and click Next button.
  • Under Settings, click Use Express settings.
  • Under Your Account, give the right username, password and password hint. Click Finish button.
  • Again this will continue to install the application.Note: This “Almost Ready … don’t turn off your PC” message is longer than usual in PC installation. Be patient on this.
  • Boot Camp windows shows up. Click Next button. Accept the license agreement and click Install. This will install all drivers from USB stick.
  • Click Finish button.
  • You must restart your system for the configuration changes made to Boot Camp Services to take affect. Click Yes to restart.
  • Ensure to press Option button when it boots and select Windows.
  • Windows 8.1 shows up nicely and login into it.
  • Go to Desktop mode by clicking Desktop. On the taskbar next to Date and Time, click the Up Arrow and click the boot camp icon and select Boot Camp Control Panel. Select Bootcamp Windows if the machine needs to run on Windows all the time.  Click Apply. Click OK.
  • Then restart again to see if the boot straight to Window

The Challenge 2 – The close lid not working properly. The screen is dimmed little bit when open the lid.

With this issue, we can’t replicate and eventually this issue has gone. Not sure what causing this. Report to Apple about this and potentially related on Windows 8.1 side.


The Challenge 3 – Event Viewer error related on video driver 

As part of procedure before deploying machine to the user, we need to ensure that there is no error in relation to hardware/drivers. In this case, we found issue error message in Windows Event Viewer Log.

The description for Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on local computer.

Apple advised to run Capture Data tool to see from Mac side is working OK. We run Capture Data and send the data to Apple. They come back to us that there is nothing wrong with hardware and they said the error might related on Microsoft OS side.

The argument is actually that Apple provided hardware and in this case NVIDIA video is apart of it. NVIDIA is third party. Like HP or Dell that provided the hardware they are ensuring that the driver is uptodate and have a support toward this while Apple still not clear their position, for us, about this.

By the time this document is writing, we are in the process to waiting from Apple about their position witgh this matter. So we can have a better support understanding from Apple as well as to the expectation for the user.



Apple MacBook Pro latest 2013 model 
Microsoft Windows 8.1
If you found this challenge and solution is helping you to solve your issue or if you find anything, please share below and let’s have conversation about it.

Thank you.

APPLICATION: Exploring Office 365


Staffs are hardly in the office and there is no centralise server. With multiple device ranging from laptop/desktop, tablet and phone with multiple OS such as Windows 8 and MAC, Android, Windows 8 and iOS, sharing document across the user is very challenging.

Exploring Office 365 for OneDrive for Home Drive and Sharepoint Team site for Shared Drive.


Couple findings:

By the time this document is written, there is no OneDrive for Business for MAC however there is a work around to use Document Connection in Microsoft Office 2011

The minimum requirement is to have Office 2011 Service Pack 1 Service Pack 1 came with Document Connection application which is allowing to connect to Sharepoint and OneDrive/Skydrive

Here’s the steps:

1.Go to Finder > Applications > Microsoft Office  2011 > Microsoft Document Connection

2.On Document Connection, go to Preference and ensure untick Enable Basic authentication

3.On Document Connection, select Location > Connect to Sharepoint Site

4.On Address, type in the following: https://[your_organisation_name].sharepoint.com and click Connect

5.In Office 365 login screen, type in your username and password

6.If the connection is successful, it will have 4 folders: Documents, Form Templates, Site Assets and Style Library. This will be your Shared Drive (corporate drive).

7.Do the same thing for OneDrive for Business. On Document Connection, select Location > Connect to Sharepoint Site

8.On Address, type in the following: https://[your_organisation_name]-my.sharepoint.com/personal/[your_user_name]_onmicrosoft_com/Documents and click Connect. Note: fill in your username in [your_user_name]

9.In Office 365 login screen, type in your username and password

10.If the connection is successful, it will have 1 folder: Share with Everyone. This will be your personal Home Drive (personal drive)

11.Ensure that on the left hand side of the Document Connection has 2 Sharepoint connection ie. [your_organisation_name].sharepoint.com and Documents


  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • MAC OS 10.x
  • Microsoft Office for MAC 2011
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Android
  • iOS



If you find this information is useful, please share to your social media network. Also if you like to give us a comment below or if you find some other findings that you like to share to us that will be good too.

Support: 11 Basic Step for Troubleshooting of Unbootable laptop


Power on the laptop and after few seconds it shutdown itself. Try again and it’s the same thing.



Taking from vendor support, here’s the basic step:

1. Take out the battery and power from the computer and wait for few seconds. Then press the power button and hold it for few second. This step will release the static from the computer apparently.

2. Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

3. If it’s still not working, try to re-sit the memory.

4. Flip the back of the laptop and open up the cover for the memory. Note: May need to check the manual to locate the memory.

5. Pull out the memory one by one and put back in.

6.  Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

7. If it’s still not working, try to re-sit the hard drive.

8. Flip the back of the laptop and open up the cover for the hard drive. Note: Normally, it’s on the same spot where the memory is.

9. Pull out the hard drive and put back in.

10. Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

11. If it’s still not working, then contact the laptop vendor.

Can Your “phone” Do This?

The way synchronising my email, contact and calendar directly from Microsoft Exchange mail server is the first intrigue me to jump in. With Blackberry unless you are in corporate world who have access to Blackberry Enterprise server than you will be disappointed not having your contact and calendar synchronise. Secondly, I loved Viigo so much in BB and I found the alternative one called Newsstand in iPhone. Lastly, BB has BB Messenger which admit is great tool among BB users but with increasing people facebooking, msn messenger, gtalk etc etc so a single app such as eBuddy enough for me to cater more people to reach out.

Other thing is that I didn’t think this iPhone as a “phone” but it’s more like my apps which you can access short news, checking road traffic, you-tubing, facebooking, tweeting, checking train/bus/ferries schedule, listening podcast/music/stand up comedy/book, reading ebooks, checking ticket officer and lastly I can turn my phone into Star Wars light saber.

Here’s the 10 list of my iPhone apps:

  1. Newsstand. It’s a RSS reader with unique interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful rack of newspapers or use the powerful classic interface to read and organise feeds.
  2. Pkt Weather. This weather app with steroid is more advance than a normal weather app.
  3. TweetDeck. You can manage your tweets as well as facebook message in a single interface.
  4. TripView. Checking the train, bus and ferries schedule.
  5. Traffic AU. While you are driving, checking the traffic around you.
  6. ReadItLater. In conjunction with Newsstand, you can just bookmark the reading so you can read it later.
  7. MapKats. It’s very cool app for monitoring the ticket officer around you based on what people posting it.
  8. Shazam. Sometimes you are listening radio in the car and you want to find the title of the music that currently playing. So all you need to do is just put this device and tap in to your speaker and within few second it will tell you the name of the song etc etc.
  9. ShowMeTheLoo. It’s another cool app that tell you the nearest location of the public toilet using the GPS. It’s very handy if you meeting somewhere and you really need to go toilet.
  10. Cricket. I am a learner for cricket. The only way to enjoy the game is by playing the game.

Like my friend told me. I said back to you: Can your phone do that?

Getting Intelligent about Your Business

Prior to Microsoft’s SQL 7 it required a Database Administrator (DBA) to be parked in front of a monitor, watching the system as closely as a prison guard would have to watch jail inmates getting exercise out in the yard. When I began examining MS SQL Server 2012 it was difficult to believe what I was seeing.

A demonstrator working on a everyday laptop worked with an Excel spreadsheet connected to MS SQL Server 2012 with 100 million rows of data. Calculations were spit out in mere seconds. Yet that is not the trick part. The trick comes from a piece of technology found in Redmond’s newest SQL Server known as PowerPivot. I’ll explain that in second.

The problem in today’s businesses inverse of the challenge business faced yesterday. Take for example the newspaper industry. A newspaper would have to take educated guesses as to what his readers wanted. Today, with most news being delivered online the editors and publishers now have so many metrics of what the readers want they are awash in data.

Bill Gates wanted to usher in the Information Age. He succeeded, all too well. The mountains of data created information overload. The company that has led the charge while inadvertently creating the new problem of information overload has come to the rescue with MS SQL Server 2012 and PowerPivot.

In essence what they have done is take all the data into a three-dimensional cube like matrix. Then using PowerPivot as an interface for the user is almost like having Dr. Know. Just tell it what you want to know and answers are delivered, virtually instantly.

There is one more trick they have up their sleeve for MS SQL 2012. People in the IT world complain not only is there so much data, each huge pile of data is stuck in its own platform. It’s referred to as data silos. The latest MS SQL can build connectors to all different types of data silos.

I mentioned before how incredibly fast MS SQL 2012 is. If you are a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal you have probably noticed on the bottom of the front page in the lower right-hand corner Oracle runs an ad claiming how they clean IBM’s clock. Yet never once have they ever mentioned Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012. Not many years ago Larry Ellison used to poke fun at MS SQL as a toy. Recently he has had to resort to picking on IBM and not mentioning MS SQL Server 2012.

Looking at the case studies banks are running MS SQL Server 2012 with double-digit terabytes of data. Scaling from a small project all the way up to Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analysis is now not only possible, it’s incredibly easy for the average worker. What used to take so long to get an answer for, the question moved by the time the results were back. This made work often frustrating. Now with MS SQL 2012 Business Intelligence got a genie.

Tcat Houser (Tim Catura-Houser last century) is a DewaList guest contributor. He got hooked on computers when he was taught how to program a GE-225 mainframe in 1966. Today he mixes it up with Mtn. Lion OSX, Debian Linux Distros. and has living in NT 6.2 (Win 8) for one year. He has been experimenting with ‘wetware’ (human brain) programming for over 50 year30603060s.


How to use Twitter to respond Public Relation (PR) crisis?

This topic is inspired from chatting among our digital people meet-up and how they react if the company didn’t deliver the service/product and this can be lead to the crisis. The interesting part is that the company published their twitter account. The people will use this as media to release their frustration. Some company will handle that crisis very well and some don’t – literally no respond!!!

Twitter is developing fast and slowly gaining a pretty serious character of a public relations social network. That’s why companies consider twitter as a public relations fast communicator targeting their customers, or people interested in them. When a problem occurs or a story comes up people search for answers everywhere online and if they don’t find any they start making their own assumptions which are easy to believe for other people who din’t find any answer too. This is a disaster for every company to deal with and on time measures are recommended. Twitter is an easy tool to prevent an isolated problem to become a public crisis and keep the customers, followers and stakeholders calm and informed about any type of progress towards solving the problem. Using twitter as a public relation crisis tool requires a well prepared and implemented communications plan to control the appearance of PR chaos.

Here’s a detailed plan on how to use twitter to respond public relation crisis:

  • Educate the staff – Make a small gathering and give some time for everyone in your working environment to learn how to use twitter and the rules applied. They should all be familiar with public relations and how to inform your followers in case of crisis.
  • Plan the communication procedure – What measures will be taken and what measures should be released in public (you are not obligated to tweet every detail). You have to decide who will speak on behalf of your company and how the information will be presented to him. Plan carefully before you release information in public, because some information can cause a huge impact.
  • Be active – Inform your followers before they are informed by a third party communication resource and your followers will know that you are seriously dealing with the problem. People usually want to know what measures are taken and how long it will take to solve the problem, so if you have specific data about this, make sure you share it. Don’t hide crucial details from the followers, try to convince them that they are not as dangerous as they seem. Get involved in their communication and if bad assumptions appear make sure you react and give a better explanation of the situation. Listen to what your followers have to say about this and what kind of emotions and reactions is this problem causing. You might have to compensate this later stage.

Learn as You Go for SQL

As you find challenges in writing or maintaning database especially for SQL Server, here I found something that I either forget or don’t realise this.


Facing this query that always returning more than 1 minutes to run. I am checking about the index and I didn’t see any thing significant.


When you join the table, ensure the data type between 2 tables are the same. In my case, I had fact table that has million of records and join with the reference table. One is using INT data type and the other one is using BIGINT data type. I’ve changed the reference one into INT instead.


Guy Kawasaki shared his The Art of the Start Insight

Guy Kawasaki shared his The Art of the Start insight @ TiECon 2006 for entrepreneurship startup.

Guy Kawasaki shared his The Art of the Start insight @ TiECon 2006 for entrepreneurship startup.

Here are 10 of his insights plus 1 bonus:

1. Make meaning

Increase the quality of life
Right a wrong
Prevent the end of something good

2. Make mantra (for the founder/employeer)

3. Get going

Think different
Polorise people
Find a few soul mates

4. Define a business model

Be specific (question how to get money from her purse)
Keep it simple.
Ask about to man to business model

5. Weave a MAT (milestone, assumptions and task)

Milestone > Finish design
Assumptions > Sales calls/day
Task > Rent an office

6. Niche thyself

Ability to provide unique product or service (Y axis)
Value to customer (X Axis)

Lower right: Price
Upper left: Stupid
Lower left: Dotcom
Upper right: X (need to be here)

7. Follow the 10/20/30 rule

10 slides : Title, Problem, Solution, Business Model, Underlying Magic Marketing and sales, Competition, Team, Projectins, and Status and Timeline
20 minutes presentation
30 points font Core on point

8. Hire infected people

Ignore the irrelevant
Hire better than yourself
Apply the shoppping center test

9. Lower the barrier to adoption

Flatten the learning curve
Don’t ask people to do something that you wouldn’t
Embrace your evangelist

10. Seed the clouds

Let a hundred flowers blossoms
Enable test drives
Find the influencers

11. Don’t let the boozos grind you down

(Source: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3755718939216161559)

To find out more: blog.guykawasaki.com