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SplashTop for Business Bandwidth Usage


One of the remote site has an excessive internet usage issue. It’s starting just few months ago. The current internet plan has no real time monitoring capability.


Due to it’s only few machines at remote sites, we¬†install SoftPerfect Networx application on each machine.

Accidentally while we are connecting remotely via SplashTop for Business, we found the usage per hour is around 25-35 MB upload on that device via Networx. So we turned off the remote access and try to login within few hours and we found that while not connecting is using very low bandwidth.

What causing continuously usage around 24 hours is still puzzling us, it’s possible that keeping running for long time or bug/not-disconnect properly or hang on connection. What we could do is patching the latest update of the software and to ensure is disconnect properly.

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1
Optus Network
SplashTop for Business
SoftPerfect Networx



Where does Outlook store opened attachments temporarily?


You have an email with an Excel attachment and you start working on that file and save it and then close Excel and the email. Then you realise that where is the file located?



You may need to check in the registry to see where the temporarily file are stored.

To know the path specific to your environment, see in registry by going to Start and under search type in regedit and hit enter. Browse the registry as followed:


For Outlook 2010





For Outlook 2007