Troubleshooting on Legacy Survey App running on ASP.NET 2.0

We built this legacy application back in 2007 and have a major upgrade on 2009 and been running since then but then there is no much activity since 2014. Then reassure-ct again in late 2015.

Couple findings

  • Error on the session

This is a bit shock cause .cs file is never being change since 2009 !!!

Solution: Change the code accordingly to handle the missing handling of Session.

Find another one which is relating on Debug mode. Set: <compilation debug=”false”> in Web.Config. There is a possibility that there is a bug previously and didn’t set back into False.

  • Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

Turn out that the database server is registered under web.config still using the new production server. Need to change to a new server.

  • The application message came up: “You have a duplicate in MostLeast Preferred section. The option only can be used once of those questions. Please re-select it again.” Check the answer in the application and no duplicate answer.

Turn out that the actual matrix answer records in the database table has a duplicate for that particular question. Looks like entering twice. Not sure causing this at this stage. However by removing the duplicated entries, it solve the problem.


Exploring Dell iDrac


  • Certificates error when launching Virtual Console in Internet Explorer and having a white window/pop-up instead
    • The solution is to  upgrade the latest firmware for iDrac when having down time on the server or alternatively just use Firefox browser instead and this will launch Java Web Console instead. This solution is working well.

Exploring Hololens

Inspired Hololens projects

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Exploring Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning

Predictive Maintenance Solution

Creating a solution will result in the following Azure services being provisioned:

  • Azure AD (1 Basic)
  • Azure IoT Hub (1 S2 Standard)
  • Azure Event Hub (1 Basic)
  • Azure Storage (2 GRS Standard)
  • Azure Stream Analytics (1 Streaming unit)
  • Azure App Services (2 Standard)
  • Azure Machine Learning Workspace (1)
Remote Monitoring Solution

Creating a solution will result in the following Azure services being provisioned:

  • Azure IoT Hub (1 high-frequency unit)
  • Azure Stream Analytics (3 streaming units)
  • Azure DocumentDB (1 S2 instance)
  • Azure Storage (1 GRS standard, 1 LRS standard, 1 RA-GRS standard)
  • Azure App Services (2 S1 instances, 2 P1 instances)
  • Azure Event Hub (1 basic throughput unit)


Internet of Things in General

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Tutorial: Create first experiment in Azure Machine Learning –


The Microsoft Cloud Platform for Developers (Glukose/heart rate/stress app monitoring app) –
Harness Predictive Customer Churn Models with Cortana Analytics Suite –



SplashTop for Business Bandwidth Usage


One of the remote site has an excessive internet usage issue. It’s starting just few months ago. The current internet plan has no real time monitoring capability.


Due to it’s only few machines at remote sites, we install SoftPerfect Networx application on each machine.

Accidentally while we are connecting remotely via SplashTop for Business, we found the usage per hour is around 25-35 MB upload on that device via Networx. So we turned off the remote access and try to login within few hours and we found that while not connecting is using very low bandwidth.

What causing continuously usage around 24 hours is still puzzling us, it’s possible that keeping running for long time or bug/not-disconnect properly or hang on connection. What we could do is patching the latest update of the software and to ensure is disconnect properly.

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1
Optus Network
SplashTop for Business
SoftPerfect Networx



LAN and Wi-Fi Behavior on Toshiba Kira laptop & Dynadock docking station


We found that while connecting to docking station, the connection still appearing as Wi-Fi instead of LAN for unknown reason. It looks like the LAN is still considered low matric then Wi-Fi. Please note that Kira laptop doesn’t have a dedicated LAN port.


Play around with metric value on network connection for LAN/Wi-Fi, it didn’t work properly cause the IP address sets to dynamic not static so the value will get reset again.

Alternatively, we update the Wi-Fi drivers from Toshiba website for this particular model.  It looks the behavior is normal now.  We also asked user to keep an eye on the icon logo on the task bar (Wi-Fi and LAN).


Microsoft Windows 8.1
Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station
Toshiba Kira – model PSUC1A-007005