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Install Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10




  1. Download and install Sonicwall 64-but VPN client from
  2. Download and install Cisco VPN Client –

Cisco VPN Client 32-bit –

Cisco VPN Client 64-bit –



Cisco VPN Client on Windows 10 (Including build 1511) – This works! –

Troubleshooting legacy app running on AutoIt/Selenium

As an app develoer, jumping to troubleshoot and debug the testing development is very challenging. 



  • To modify the AutoIt/Selenium, just go under /Script/test/*.java files
  • When changing and testing the .java files and run the test-ant.bat file if there is a bug, the windows close automatically.
    • To solve this, run a command line cmd /K “test-ant.bat”

Billions in Change – Cool Movie

Kept getting the post from Facebook about this and kept skipping it because I thought it was one of those lame promotional videos, but for some reason I decided to watch on and watch this movie. I am glad did and this guy is such a legendary who is doing awesome and cool things. Gotta watch this !!

[Source: Billions in Change]



Social@Dewacorp Website Got Hack

In early March 2015, our social media website Social @ DewaCorp site got hack. We can’t access to the admin section and all entries are not accessible – only homepage. No  resolution at this stage.

This site will get replace completely and we are no longer having social media our own and replaced with more centralised robust/control/secure such as and

Stay tuned!


UPDATE – 23/09/2015
As we receiving a notification about social media users publishing unauthorized copyright content, we fixed the Administrator as well as access level and it looks good now. We can access the Administrator site.







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