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Support: 11 Basic Step for Troubleshooting of Unbootable laptop


Power on the laptop and after few seconds it shutdown itself. Try again and it’s the same thing.



Taking from vendor support, here’s the basic step:

1. Take out the battery and power from the computer and wait for few seconds. Then press the power button and hold it for few second. This step will release the static from the computer apparently.

2. Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

3. If it’s still not working, try to re-sit the memory.

4. Flip the back of the laptop and open up the cover for the memory. Note: May need to check the manual to locate the memory.

5. Pull out the memory one by one and put back in.

6.  Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

7. If it’s still not working, try to re-sit the hard drive.

8. Flip the back of the laptop and open up the cover for the hard drive. Note: Normally, it’s on the same spot where the memory is.

9. Pull out the hard drive and put back in.

10. Put the battery and the charger back on. Try to power on again.

11. If it’s still not working, then contact the laptop vendor.

Reaching one million visits

This inspired us to keep improving the site.

Advertising a product, service, or any undertaking, such as a website for example, can be a cut in the wallet.

Being a follower of the free advertising mode, we would like to share with you what we have built free advertising platform. A good strategy is to advertise in free, but well-visited classified sites, especially if you can place your ad multiple times in many different regions of many countries that can be reached for your internet business.

Here is an excellent web site that provides such free advertising.

Dewalist community classifieds :  “This is the World free classifieds ads website with an Alexa ranking of around 45,000.”

Here you can virtually find and place ads for anything, anywhere:

  • Your dream business
  • Interesting trades
  • Various services
  • A world of cars
  • Compatible communities
  • What do you have for sale?
  • Find fitting jobs or employees
  • Personals
  • A wonderland of websites
  • Browse for your favourite property

It is a FREE service in which to place your ads to your local community and other targeted communities.

No wonder since last year more than 80,000 members have joined this treasure of community classifieds. Dewalist network have more than 55,000 visits per month and more than 256,000 page views per month. This interested activity arrives from 127 different countries and territories and 1,115 cities with 1500-2500 individual visits a day, of whom will see your ads.

Here is how to place free ads in your own community. Choose your country, then the region you want to reach. There you will see a list of categories, choose your category and then the sub-category. A form will appear which you then fill in with your personal details and the text for your ad. Your ad will be displayed for 90 days.

You can repeat this process in as many of the regions and countries which you want to reach for your business.

At the Dewalist world site you will find links to community branches in all the following countries: Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa,    United Arab Eirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Where does Outlook store opened attachments temporarily?


You have an email with an Excel attachment and you start working on that file and save it and then close Excel and the email. Then you realise that where is the file located?



You may need to check in the registry to see where the temporarily file are stored.

To know the path specific to your environment, see in registry by going to Start and under search type in regedit and hit enter. Browse the registry as followed:


For Outlook 2010





For Outlook 2007





Can Your “phone” Do This?

The way synchronising my email, contact and calendar directly from Microsoft Exchange mail server is the first intrigue me to jump in. With Blackberry unless you are in corporate world who have access to Blackberry Enterprise server than you will be disappointed not having your contact and calendar synchronise. Secondly, I loved Viigo so much in BB and I found the alternative one called Newsstand in iPhone. Lastly, BB has BB Messenger which admit is great tool among BB users but with increasing people facebooking, msn messenger, gtalk etc etc so a single app such as eBuddy enough for me to cater more people to reach out.

Other thing is that I didn’t think this iPhone as a “phone” but it’s more like my apps which you can access short news, checking road traffic, you-tubing, facebooking, tweeting, checking train/bus/ferries schedule, listening podcast/music/stand up comedy/book, reading ebooks, checking ticket officer and lastly I can turn my phone into Star Wars light saber.

Here’s the 10 list of my iPhone apps:

  1. Newsstand. It’s a RSS reader with unique interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful rack of newspapers or use the powerful classic interface to read and organise feeds.
  2. Pkt Weather. This weather app with steroid is more advance than a normal weather app.
  3. TweetDeck. You can manage your tweets as well as facebook message in a single interface.
  4. TripView. Checking the train, bus and ferries schedule.
  5. Traffic AU. While you are driving, checking the traffic around you.
  6. ReadItLater. In conjunction with Newsstand, you can just bookmark the reading so you can read it later.
  7. MapKats. It’s very cool app for monitoring the ticket officer around you based on what people posting it.
  8. Shazam. Sometimes you are listening radio in the car and you want to find the title of the music that currently playing. So all you need to do is just put this device and tap in to your speaker and within few second it will tell you the name of the song etc etc.
  9. ShowMeTheLoo. It’s another cool app that tell you the nearest location of the public toilet using the GPS. It’s very handy if you meeting somewhere and you really need to go toilet.
  10. Cricket. I am a learner for cricket. The only way to enjoy the game is by playing the game.

Like my friend told me. I said back to you: Can your phone do that?

Bing in the Eyes of 4 Years Old

Aaron (4 yo) is watching Bing – Angry Bird video on YouTube using iTouch. He asked about Bing and as a tech dad I’ve explained him what the piggies do by keying “How to get egg” in order to get a map to trick the bird. See this video:

The end of the conversation I asked him again:

Tech Dad: So Aaron … what is Bing again?

Aaron: Bing is a Google … Daddy!!!

Tech Dad: 🙁

Typical Users

Aaron (4 years old): Daddy!!!  the computer is broken. I can’t click it!!!

Tech Dad: Would you mind to ask your brother please?

Aaron: No, I want you Daddy!!!

Tech Dad: [silent … no respond … hoping that he can work it out by himself]

Aaron: Never mind Daddy. I’ve just fixed!

Tech Dad: Good boy …  Aaron.

Aaron: Yay! I’ve fixed.

Look up in Google

A conversation is made between Aaron (4 years old) and Arki (6 years old) and they are talking about the cartoon on television. Here’s the conversation.

Aaron (4 yo): Jumbo

Arki (6 yo) : Dumbo ?!?!

Aaron: No Jumbo. It’s a big elephant, Arki!!!

Arki: Dimbo ?!?!

Aaron: No Jumbo!!! [starting to angry]. LOOK UP IN GOOGLE!!!

Tech Dad: [surprise]