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Exploring Dell iDrac


  • Certificates error when launching Virtual Console in Internet Explorer and having a white window/pop-up instead
    • The solution is to  upgrade the latest firmware for iDrac when having down time on the server or alternatively just use Firefox browser instead and this will launch Java Web Console instead. This solution is working well.

SplashTop for Business Bandwidth Usage


One of the remote site has an excessive internet usage issue. It’s starting just few months ago. The current internet plan has no real time monitoring capability.


Due to it’s only few machines at remote sites, we install SoftPerfect Networx application on each machine.

Accidentally while we are connecting remotely via SplashTop for Business, we found the usage per hour is around 25-35 MB upload on that device via Networx. So we turned off the remote access and try to login within few hours and we found that while not connecting is using very low bandwidth.

What causing continuously usage around 24 hours is still puzzling us, it’s possible that keeping running for long time or bug/not-disconnect properly or hang on connection. What we could do is patching the latest update of the software and to ensure is disconnect properly.

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1
Optus Network
SplashTop for Business
SoftPerfect Networx



Social@Dewacorp Website Got Hack

In early March 2015, our social media website Social @ DewaCorp site got hack. We can’t access to the admin section and all entries are not accessible – only homepage. No  resolution at this stage.

This site will get replace completely and we are no longer having social media our own and replaced with more centralised robust/control/secure such as and

Stay tuned!


UPDATE – 23/09/2015
As we receiving a notification about social media users publishing unauthorized copyright content, we fixed the Administrator as well as access level and it looks good now. We can access the Administrator site.






Getting Intelligent about Your Business

Prior to Microsoft’s SQL 7 it required a Database Administrator (DBA) to be parked in front of a monitor, watching the system as closely as a prison guard would have to watch jail inmates getting exercise out in the yard. When I began examining MS SQL Server 2012 it was difficult to believe what I was seeing.

A demonstrator working on a everyday laptop worked with an Excel spreadsheet connected to MS SQL Server 2012 with 100 million rows of data. Calculations were spit out in mere seconds. Yet that is not the trick part. The trick comes from a piece of technology found in Redmond’s newest SQL Server known as PowerPivot. I’ll explain that in second.

The problem in today’s businesses inverse of the challenge business faced yesterday. Take for example the newspaper industry. A newspaper would have to take educated guesses as to what his readers wanted. Today, with most news being delivered online the editors and publishers now have so many metrics of what the readers want they are awash in data.

Bill Gates wanted to usher in the Information Age. He succeeded, all too well. The mountains of data created information overload. The company that has led the charge while inadvertently creating the new problem of information overload has come to the rescue with MS SQL Server 2012 and PowerPivot.

In essence what they have done is take all the data into a three-dimensional cube like matrix. Then using PowerPivot as an interface for the user is almost like having Dr. Know. Just tell it what you want to know and answers are delivered, virtually instantly.

There is one more trick they have up their sleeve for MS SQL 2012. People in the IT world complain not only is there so much data, each huge pile of data is stuck in its own platform. It’s referred to as data silos. The latest MS SQL can build connectors to all different types of data silos.

I mentioned before how incredibly fast MS SQL 2012 is. If you are a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal you have probably noticed on the bottom of the front page in the lower right-hand corner Oracle runs an ad claiming how they clean IBM’s clock. Yet never once have they ever mentioned Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012. Not many years ago Larry Ellison used to poke fun at MS SQL as a toy. Recently he has had to resort to picking on IBM and not mentioning MS SQL Server 2012.

Looking at the case studies banks are running MS SQL Server 2012 with double-digit terabytes of data. Scaling from a small project all the way up to Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analysis is now not only possible, it’s incredibly easy for the average worker. What used to take so long to get an answer for, the question moved by the time the results were back. This made work often frustrating. Now with MS SQL 2012 Business Intelligence got a genie.

Tcat Houser (Tim Catura-Houser last century) is a DewaList guest contributor. He got hooked on computers when he was taught how to program a GE-225 mainframe in 1966. Today he mixes it up with Mtn. Lion OSX, Debian Linux Distros. and has living in NT 6.2 (Win 8) for one year. He has been experimenting with ‘wetware’ (human brain) programming for over 50 year30603060s.


How to use Twitter to respond Public Relation (PR) crisis?

This topic is inspired from chatting among our digital people meet-up and how they react if the company didn’t deliver the service/product and this can be lead to the crisis. The interesting part is that the company published their twitter account. The people will use this as media to release their frustration. Some company will handle that crisis very well and some don’t – literally no respond!!!

Twitter is developing fast and slowly gaining a pretty serious character of a public relations social network. That’s why companies consider twitter as a public relations fast communicator targeting their customers, or people interested in them. When a problem occurs or a story comes up people search for answers everywhere online and if they don’t find any they start making their own assumptions which are easy to believe for other people who din’t find any answer too. This is a disaster for every company to deal with and on time measures are recommended. Twitter is an easy tool to prevent an isolated problem to become a public crisis and keep the customers, followers and stakeholders calm and informed about any type of progress towards solving the problem. Using twitter as a public relation crisis tool requires a well prepared and implemented communications plan to control the appearance of PR chaos.

Here’s a detailed plan on how to use twitter to respond public relation crisis:

  • Educate the staff – Make a small gathering and give some time for everyone in your working environment to learn how to use twitter and the rules applied. They should all be familiar with public relations and how to inform your followers in case of crisis.
  • Plan the communication procedure – What measures will be taken and what measures should be released in public (you are not obligated to tweet every detail). You have to decide who will speak on behalf of your company and how the information will be presented to him. Plan carefully before you release information in public, because some information can cause a huge impact.
  • Be active – Inform your followers before they are informed by a third party communication resource and your followers will know that you are seriously dealing with the problem. People usually want to know what measures are taken and how long it will take to solve the problem, so if you have specific data about this, make sure you share it. Don’t hide crucial details from the followers, try to convince them that they are not as dangerous as they seem. Get involved in their communication and if bad assumptions appear make sure you react and give a better explanation of the situation. Listen to what your followers have to say about this and what kind of emotions and reactions is this problem causing. You might have to compensate this later stage.

All You Need to Know about Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an alternative tablet for iPad. I found it’s very convenient due to it’s only 7 inch. However there is no much information around. If you ask question to Telco providers, they always refer to either Samsung or ask you to googling it.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an alternative tablet for iPad. I found it’s very convenient due to it’s only 7 inch and it’s small however there is no much information around especially if you ask question to Telco providers. They always refer to either Samsung or googling it.


I found some informations either talking on the forums or contacting directly to Samsung.

Here’s what I found so far:

List of Accessories including pricing (Australia)

Go to

On the left handside, select as follow:

Brand: Samsung

Handset: Samsung, GalaxyTab


List of Accessories (outside Australia)

Go to:

Note: Keep in mind that Samsung is not responsible if you are purchasing this accessories damaging your device.

To download KIES, you can go to

Note: Unfortunately, it’s for PC only!

The Android OS is still in 2.2 (Froyo). The 2.3 is coming soon.

If you find any good information about this product, please comment to it and I will put this into this blog.

How to access your PC to get the data back?


You need to have a rescue disk ready. There are some options available such as Windows PE or Bart PE. This blog specifically discuss about Bart PE software.


  1. Download Bart PE application from
  2. Get Windows XP CD or a machine that running on XP.
  3. Download from for LAN drivers for XP. If you know the model of you machine, you can always download from the vendor website for the Driver and Download. Please note that ensure that you download the right driver for either x86 or 64 bit.
  4. Thumb drive or USB drive where the file is going to be moved
Install the Bart PE by default it points to C:\PEBuilder3110a\
Extract driverpacks or driver and put into C:\PEBuilder3110a\drivers\Net
For example: the source: C:\Temp\Drivers\Broadcom\*.* target will be C:\PEBuilder3110a\drivers\Net\Broadcom\*.*
Once installed, run the application by going to C:\PEBuilder3110a\pebuilder.exe
In the PE Builder main window, point Source to where you put your Win XP.
Output: BartPE
Select Burn to CD/DVD and click Build.
Once it completed, insert the thumb drive first.
Then insert the Bart PE CD into the machine and boot up through CD/DVD device.
In some case, you may have blue screen death.
See: Possibly due to SATA disc for newer machine. You can either set ATA or AHCI mode in the BIOS. In this case Dell machine, it’s lcoated under System Configuration > SATA Operation. Some DELL hardware sets as IRRT (for newer model).
Wait for few minutes, the machine will load Bart PE.
If you need to move file accross network, then you allow the networking.
To access the file, just click START > Program Files > ADR3 and this is similar to explorer in Windows.
Locate the file that you need to copy and paste into the thumb/USB drive.

Supporting Dell Hardwares


Try to do housekeeping first (the basic step) and this will help them to narrow down the issue and solve the problem quickly.

PC Troubleshooting methods

  1. Have a service tag handy
  2. Run diagnostics – Restart the PC and press F12 and select Diagnostics. The basic test took only 5 minutes while the complete one took about 30 minutes.
High Pitch Issue
  • Take out the speaker by opening keyboard
  • Replace hard drive
  • Run diagnostics
  • Put the CD into CD-bay and let it run
  • Update the sound card driver from Dell Support
  • It seems that if the disc start to write and sound is gone but when idle then the noise comes up again
Blue Screen Death (iastorv.sys)
  • Can’t get the memory dump both small and complete. It’s failed.
  • Possibly related on the Windows Update which is updating one of the driver.
  • Dell can’t pin point this issue and the only way to do it is to reinstall the OS.
  • Reinstall the Windows OS solved the problem.
Rebuilding Dell Latitude E6400 Manually
  • Install Windows Vista Business 32 bit using Reinstalation DVD Windows Vista Vusines 32BIT SP1 DVD
  • Giving the standard PC name
  • Install drivers from Dell Drivers and utilities DVD
  • Do Windows Update
  • Install Microsoft Office 2007 Business/Professional
  • Install Dell Application DVD – Cyberlink PowerDVD (comes from Dell)
  • Install Roxio Creator 9.0 DE DVD (comes from Dell)
  • Install CutePDF
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Install Adobe Flash Player
  • Create H (home directory)
  • Create S (shared) drives
  • Change the Workgroup/Domain
  • Copy I386 folder into temp folder
  • Dell Latitude E6400
  • Microsoft Windows Business 32 bits
  • Contact number for Dell Premium Support: 1300 661 702

Avaya IP Office 5610 Quick Reference Guide


How to cancel all forwading/diverting? How to see the phone list that I’ve been receiving. How to put a call on the queue? People is asking the same question when dealing with Avaya IP Office 5610 series. It will be good to have a handy quick reference guide.


Here are some of quick reference that we found useful:

  1. To cancel all forwarding: *00
  2. To see In Answered phone list, press Log > In Ans



  • Avaya IP Office 5610