Uber Partner Rock Star: First 2 Weeks

As this week,  my second week as Uber Partner, I thought there will be something that I can share my experience to make it more exciting …  not just a job moving riders from one place to another.

My Stats

Total number of trips: 45
Number of riders: 64 (38 man and 26 woman, 43 locals and 20 foreigners)
Total distance of trip : ?? km
Best distance: 29 km
Best time: 42 minutes

The Riders

First Riders – 2 Ladies
First time facing riders are always a memorable one.

Stand-Up Comedy Guy


FBI Radio
As the lady asking to change to radio to 94.5 fm and I thought oh no I forgot to ask the radio preference again. End up with the conversation with this radio station – cultural musical and run by volunteer. I liked the music choice too.

Golfer Dude
Pick up a golfer and as I am golfer fan as well so we have a long chat about the golf in general. He mentioned about Trophy Kids movie that something to watch at the end of the trip.

4 Indians – Wedding @ Woolloomooloo
Pickup 3 Indian man and 1 woman and they are lovely and laughable. There is one guy telling the story about the “Live Concept” is relation to Union which is interesting and deep one which is he’s going brought up as speech as best man apparently !!!

Pouring Heavy Rain and Flooding
Started the trip with small rain and end up with heavy rain and flooding. I learn a mistake which is NOT to stop at flooding gutter which it didn’t realise that happen 🙁

Longest Drives
This will be my longest drive ever. The destination is something that I never heard before and I thought it must be within Easter Suburbs area. Turn up it’s not !! It’s a northern suburb. The trip is from Maroubra to Fresh Waters – 42 minutes trip with 29 km.

Google Developer
This is an interesting trip as I am developer as well and interesting to know about this but not much chat due to short trip and concentrating on city traffic on that day as I am not much luck on the traffic. Also, there is a guy that J-Walking while in green light and staring at us … what the 🙂

Learn from Mistakes

First week, I have to swap with my old phone, Samsung S4 as my daily phone is Microsoft Lumia  which is unfortunately no partner app for this type of phone. With Samsung S4, the battery is not really good and the Google maps keeps crashing.  I have decided to change the phone to Apple 6 … yup back to Apple again … and has no problem with crashing app however the battery life still a bit concern though  but with charger on the car it’s a perfect solution.

Use a Toll road no matter you can. I didn’t know that Uber will reimburse the toll fee back to partner.

Use the route as per navigation unless if it’s traffic cause most of the regular riders that get used to it with the same route.

Always ask the preference of the radio station. Found 2 DJs that they love their own station and not happy if they listen to other competitor one.

When you stop on heavy raining, ensure to stop where there is no flood. Sometimes the road is not drain really well.






Challenges in Deploying App via Git/BitBucket or manually to Azure/DigitalOcean

Git Bash

  • Change the location of the WAMP directory. By default goes to [username@machinename] directory and if you are running WAMP the folder is supposed to be pointed to C:\wamp\www
cd /c/wamp/www
  • Command to undo git init
rm -rf .git
  • Commands  to add and commit the additional changes, and then push the changes to the remote repository:
git add index.html 
git commit -m "Celebration" 
git push azure master




  • When setting up Laravel web application, the main page is loading as HTTP 500 Error, to find out is to check the Apache log.

The Apache’s log for Ubuntu is located under:



  • The Welcome page is up but the rest of the routing is not working. Made some adjustments on Apache: 

Enable mod_rewrite on the apache server:

sudo a2enmod rewrite

Edit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, changing the “AllowOverride” directive for the /var/www directory (which is my main document root):

AllowOverride All

Then restart the Apache server:

sudo service apache2 restart


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