Rename from DewaList Pin to DewaList VisionBoard

As we launched the inspired board few weeks ago, we decided to change the site name from Pin to VisionBoard which we believe it represents  what site is all about – videos and images that inspire you and make you feel good. You can use this site to represent fascinated things, goals and dreams in all areas of your life or in just one specific area that you are focusing on.

The new URL is

Hopefully you like the new name.


Launching DewaList Directory

As we are continuing to align our goal to provide a solid platform for small business, new comer and start-up to help their campaign, we launched DewaList Directory. This site is not just ordinary directory site but also have the user to review the business as well as publishing on-going event for the business owner.

Have a look closely this new site –

We love your feedback in regards to this site.


Few mistakes when posting into DewaList Classifieds

We found a lot of mistakes when users posting their ads into DewaList Classifieds sites. When we found this, we generally delete or move the ads to the right place.

Here are some mistakes:

  1. Users post their ads into Post Event instead of Post Ads. The Post event are specifically for the ads that has a time frame (start and end date) for instance a music concert, seminar, festival, exhibition, etc etc.
  2. Users post their adult ads ie. massage, escort into Business Service or Entertainment. There is a specific category for this content which is called Erotic.
  3. Users post their ads into the category that is not specific to that country belong. For instance, the ads is specifically from South Africa and the poster put into the DewaList India under Business Service. The right way is to put under  Worldwide / Non-local city / Unspecified as a City and Worldwide / non-local / overseas  as a category.
  4. Users posts a lot of similar ads within a day.  Pick the right category and the right city for your ads.
  5. Users posts ads with a link without testing it. HTML tag is appearing. When you post a link, you can use hyperlink on then editor or leave it the full link with http://[name of url] and this will create automatically the link properly.
  6. Users post their adult ads with nudity, xxx or sex image.
  7. Users post their ads that is not belong to right category. For instance, the ads is relating on job but then putting under Vehicle.

Help us to make this site better.  The more your ads can be seen by others … the more your successful campaign will be.


Joining Pinterest


We found Pinterest suits for us due to it’s aligning with our goal to help small guys – small business, startup, new comer, community campaigner and more –  heard what their saying. We decided to join and explore Pinterest.

At this stage, we only have 2 boards – We Love Ads and We love Selfie.

To follow us:


We also updated few things in our classified websites to accommodate this change.

Looking forward your comment below.


PETITION: Global War or Global Unity ?

What is unfolding on Europe’s doorstep today is not only a migration crises unparallelled in recent history. It is a humanitarian crises beyond measure.

Far too many have already lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. And yet, the death toll only continues to mount with the surging number of migrants and refugees crossing from Africa and the Middle East or attempting to reach Europe through remote land borders. The number of people resorting to smuggling at the cost of dying at sea or hidden in trucks, is a tragedy. Children are separated from their parents, families are shattered, lives are broken. The risks and conditions migrants are encountering is nothing less than unacceptable. What the world is witnessing today is on course to be the worst migration and humanitarian crises since the second World War.

We do not have the right to remain silent, to do nothing. What can be done?

Support the campaign and sign up the petition now –


Just because it isn’t happening here. Doesn’t mean isn’t happening.

Thousands of Icelanders have said they would welcome Syrian refugees into their homes after their government announced last month it would accept just 50 people into the country.


In a Facebook campaign launched by Icelandic author, Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, some 12,000 people – 4% of the Icelandic population – offered to welcome refugees into their homes.

Support the campaign –

[Source: HuffingtonPost]