Dewalist Community Classifieds: The Numbers


We would like to share Dewalist Community Classifieds achievement the past 5 years especially around website traffic and social media.

Looking at the Google Analytics statistic above, last year we have close to double in increasing of total visitors. It reaches a half million visitors which is half of them are unique visitors. The number of pageviews have a significant increasing 2.5 times becoming 2.4 millions. People browsing the site is also increasing to almost 5.5 minutes on average. The penetration among country and cities are also increasing quite substantially with almost 90% of the traffic is coming from Asia. For the past few year, the source of traffic are always consistently coming from Australia, India, Pakistan and Philippine followed by United States.

According to Alexa website, Dewalist has a traffic ranking of 53,000 which is not bad considering the total number of website in the world is around 346 millions. In South Africa, this site has a ranking of 2,800 followed by Philippines – 3,600, India – 6100 and Pakistan 9,100.

Dewalist adapted the social media late last year and it’s getting slowly reaching more than 5,000 Facebook fans and more than 8,000 Twitter followers and 3000 Linked members.

Again, number is a number. The most important one is that the community uses and sees the benefits of this site. We thank you for this. We, as a developer of the site, will keep continue to improve and strive to the qualty of the content.

If you like to share about your thought or feedback about this, we are more than welcome. Please drop us a line below.

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