Dewalist Community Classifieds: The Numbers


We would like to share Dewalist Community Classifieds achievement the past 5 years especially around website traffic and social media.

Looking at the Google Analytics statistic above, last year we have close to double in increasing of total visitors. It reaches a half million visitors which is half of them are unique visitors. The number of pageviews have a significant increasing 2.5 times becoming 2.4 millions. People browsing the site is also increasing to almost 5.5 minutes on average. The penetration among country and cities are also increasing quite substantially with almost 90% of the traffic is coming from Asia. For the past few year, the source of traffic are always consistently coming from Australia, India, Pakistan and Philippine followed by United States.

According to Alexa website, Dewalist has a traffic ranking of 53,000 which is not bad considering the total number of website in the world is around 346 millions. In South Africa, this site has a ranking of 2,800 followed by Philippines – 3,600, India – 6100 and Pakistan 9,100.

Dewalist adapted the social media late last year and it’s getting slowly reaching more than 5,000 Facebook fans and more than 8,000 Twitter followers and 3000 Linked members.

Again, number is a number. The most important one is that the community uses and sees the benefits of this site. We thank you for this. We, as a developer of the site, will keep continue to improve and strive to the qualty of the content.

If you like to share about your thought or feedback about this, we are more than welcome. Please drop us a line below.

Getting Intelligent about Your Business

Prior to Microsoft’s SQL 7 it required a Database Administrator (DBA) to be parked in front of a monitor, watching the system as closely as a prison guard would have to watch jail inmates getting exercise out in the yard. When I began examining MS SQL Server 2012 it was difficult to believe what I was seeing.

A demonstrator working on a everyday laptop worked with an Excel spreadsheet connected to MS SQL Server 2012 with 100 million rows of data. Calculations were spit out in mere seconds. Yet that is not the trick part. The trick comes from a piece of technology found in Redmond’s newest SQL Server known as PowerPivot. I’ll explain that in second.

The problem in today’s businesses inverse of the challenge business faced yesterday. Take for example the newspaper industry. A newspaper would have to take educated guesses as to what his readers wanted. Today, with most news being delivered online the editors and publishers now have so many metrics of what the readers want they are awash in data.

Bill Gates wanted to usher in the Information Age. He succeeded, all too well. The mountains of data created information overload. The company that has led the charge while inadvertently creating the new problem of information overload has come to the rescue with MS SQL Server 2012 and PowerPivot.

In essence what they have done is take all the data into a three-dimensional cube like matrix. Then using PowerPivot as an interface for the user is almost like having Dr. Know. Just tell it what you want to know and answers are delivered, virtually instantly.

There is one more trick they have up their sleeve for MS SQL 2012. People in the IT world complain not only is there so much data, each huge pile of data is stuck in its own platform. It’s referred to as data silos. The latest MS SQL can build connectors to all different types of data silos.

I mentioned before how incredibly fast MS SQL 2012 is. If you are a regular reader of the Wall Street Journal you have probably noticed on the bottom of the front page in the lower right-hand corner Oracle runs an ad claiming how they clean IBM’s clock. Yet never once have they ever mentioned Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012. Not many years ago Larry Ellison used to poke fun at MS SQL as a toy. Recently he has had to resort to picking on IBM and not mentioning MS SQL Server 2012.

Looking at the case studies banks are running MS SQL Server 2012 with double-digit terabytes of data. Scaling from a small project all the way up to Big Data Analytics and Predictive Analysis is now not only possible, it’s incredibly easy for the average worker. What used to take so long to get an answer for, the question moved by the time the results were back. This made work often frustrating. Now with MS SQL 2012 Business Intelligence got a genie.

Tcat Houser (Tim Catura-Houser last century) is a DewaList guest contributor. He got hooked on computers when he was taught how to program a GE-225 mainframe in 1966. Today he mixes it up with Mtn. Lion OSX, Debian Linux Distros. and has living in NT 6.2 (Win 8) for one year. He has been experimenting with ‘wetware’ (human brain) programming for over 50 year30603060s.